Signature Facials

by Jules Wheeler

Hydra Facial

Hydra Facial is a resurfacing treatment that clears out your pores, plus it hydrates your skin to leave it looking and feeling radiant. The stages of the treatment include cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating the skin with serums that are infused into pores. The serums have anti-aging and antioxidant properties and are tailored to address the specific needs of the patients.

A Hydra Facial treatment can improve your skin in a number of ways. Its many benefits include a more hydrated, bright, plump, and clear complexion. Plus, it can also improve signs of aging. The treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases firmness, evens tone, texture, and pigmentation, as well as reducing enlarged pores.

The 24K Gold Facial

The 24K Gold Facial by Jules Wheeler, is a really luxurious and pampering treatment.

Gold is well known for its ability to remove toxins. It helps to repair oxidation damage and is a great treatment for polluted skin. It lifts, brightens, and soothes your skin, all while offering your face with an extravagant glow. This decadent treatment helps to improve the appearance of age spots by helping to slow the creation of melanin, accelerating cell renewal and decreasing skin inflammation. The 24K Gold Facial also assists in lymphatic drainage and improved blood circulation, while helping to enhance skin elasticity.
A range of specially formulated 24K Gold products, including masks, serums and moisturisers which contain 24k Gold, hyaluronic acid, rose water and a vitamin complex are blended together with advanced technologies in this opulent facial to really nourish the skin. These provide vital nutrients to keep the skin healthy and looking radiant and bright. This is a facial which provides many benefits to the skin whilst being both elegant and affordable.

The Hangover Facial

The Hangover Facial by Jules Wheeler is a deeply hydrating facial to quench the thirst of parched skin, leaving it looking plump and feeling refreshed. It is specifically designed for tired, dehydrated skin that needs complete revitalisation…especially after a big night out!
By using advanced technologies and products which are infused into the skin to restore the moisture levels, your dull and fatigued complexion will look visibly hydrated and boosted after just one treatment. It will give your skin a natural fresh appearance.

Modern Man by Jules Wheeler

Modern Man by Jules Wheeler is an anti-aging treatment for the more seasoned gentleman’s face. Utilizing luxurious skin products which have been specifically designed to care for male skin, this facial will help to plump lines and wrinkles as well as soften the look of aging. This deluxe collaboration of serums/peptides/masks/moisturisers/spf will boost skin elasticity and revitalise tired skin.

One For The Boys…by Jules Wheeler

One For the Boys by Jules Wheeler is a deep cleansing facial which has been designed specifically for male skin. Men’s skin is different from women’s as it produces more sebum, which can cause oily skin, acne and open pores.

Packed with nourishing anti-aging ingredients, this treatment revitalises the skin and restores radiance. We use the latest in skincare products and advanced technology. This facial will help to increase cellular turnover, lightening, tightening and brightening all skin types.

The Vegan Facial by Jules Wheeler

The Vegan Facial by Jules Wheeler is a luxury treatment created using ethical formulations which are supercharged with ingredients using the latest green technologies, including bio-retinol and plant ceramides.
With a choice of fabulous face masks, it will leave your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, recharged and nourished with all the goodness that these natural ingredients can offer.

The best facial in town….

Once again, the best facial in town – Everyone is saying how well my skin is looking! Thanks for my fab facial. My skin is just glowing!

Meg Matthews

A celeb favourite….

Fab to meet Jules and try her facial. Can see why its a celeb favourite.

Alice Hart-Davis (Top beauty journalist)

Highly recommend it….

Loved my first facial by Jules. Highly recommend it.

Oliver Breckon (Producer, Good Morning Britain)

Face feels like perfection….

My face feels like perfection after having a facial by Jules.

Jasz Vagas (BBC3 Killer Magic)

So lucky to have you!

I am so lucky to have you! Always make my skin look so good!

Sadie Frost

Best facials ever!

Best facials ever by Jules. Seriously. It’s Mothers Day….can’t think what to get? Do it!

Frances Ruffelle