Oxygen Infusion Facial with LED Phototherapy

This treatment is designed to nourish and hydrate your skin and promote collagen growth. It involves a machine that is used for spraying highly concentrated molecules of oxygen right into your epidermis (the outer layer of your skin). The oxygen that’s applied to your face and neck is infused with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts.
Celebrities, including Madonna, swear by this technique for smoother and plumper skin.

Your cells need oxygen to stay healthy and nourished. The oxygen facial delivers oxygen to the deepest layers of your skin and makes it glow.


  1. Helps to boost collagen production
  2. Helps to improve skin elasticity
  3. Helps to detoxify the skin
  4. Speeds up cell turnover
  5. Helps to moisturise the skin
  6. Gives the skin a radiant glow
  7. Helps to eliminate acne-causing bacteria
  8. High quality serums used to assist various skin concerns
  9. Provides a deep infusion of oxygenated vitamins and antioxidants


RED: This helps with anti-aging. It combats wrinkles and increases collagen production for smoother, younger-looking skin. It also helps to heal and repair skin.

BLUE: This is antibacterial. It helps to eliminate acne causing bacteria, reduces breakouts which make it an ideal treatment to help acne-prone skin. The blue light also helps to purify the skin and regulate oil glands.

GREEN: This is used to even out skin tone. This particular wavelength targets melanocytes, slowing down the production of melanin so that not as much pigmentation reaches the top layers of our skin. It also helps to ease more chronic skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

YELLOW: This is a healing light that penetrates deep into the layers of skin causing rejuvenation, cell repair and increased circulation. It also stimulates lymph activity, making it a perfect treatment following an intensive treatment.

CYAN: It helps to calm and soothe irritated skin. It also helps to reduce the size of swollen capillaries.

PURPLE: This helps to increase cell regeneration and renewal. It’s a very soothing light so good for relaxation and helping with lymphatic drainage.